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Friday, November 5, 2010

So Please, What Day Is It, Really (and does it really matter)

This is the first in a series of posts on what might also be called: Scriptural Timing. I write it because I have been blessed as I have explored Scriptural concepts of time and applied them in my own life and I want to share that blessing with others. As I will show over the next few weeks, Scripture (both Old and New Testaments), but dare I also say God, has a different clock and calendar to the ones we have inherited from the Greeks and the Romans.

The timing I find in Scripture begins in the very first verses of Genesis where we read over and over, "...there was evening and there was morning - the first (second, etc) day." So this means.....a new day begins at sunset! So what, you might ask? Well, that is what I intend to explore.

Just for starters though, this helps me understand why people sometimes waited for sunset before going to Jesus (eg Mark 1:20). This reading will also lead us to explore the scriptural concept of Sabbath....but let me hasten to add that the important issue with Sabbath is not so much when you keep/celebrate it, but whether you in fact really keep/celebrate it at all. But, I get ahead of myself.

Hopefully you can see how interesting a subject this can be. As I write this, the sun is about to set behind Table Mountain and over the Atlantic Ocean here in Cape Town, South Africa on Friday, 5 November. A new day is about to begin, how wonderful that the Biblical day starts...with the promise of rest.

Friday is of course the day our LORD was executed, and about this time they were rushing about to get Him buried before the Sabbath sunset. Those who were with Him (the women) would go home and mourn. On Saturday, their (the) Sabbath they would continue to mourn. Then, early in the morning on Sunday, the first day of the week, they would go to the tomb, find it empty and announce to the world that HE IS RISEN and soon that day (the day after the Sabbath) would become referred to in Scripture not only as the first day of the week, but as the LORD's Day (Revelation 1:10).....but I am getting ahead of myself.

A new day is about to begin and that is time to get down and rest.

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