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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Discussion Questions/Biblestudy based on Sermon on Mount 11

Week 11 Discussion Questions and Bible Study

You Cannot Serve Two Masters

Study Passage Matthew 6:24-34

1.      Discuss the various things that take up people’s time, energy and effort in the world today. How many of these things would you describe as inherently bad, and how many would you say are relatively harmless? When does something become your “master”?
2.      List six things that were mentioned in the talk under the question: “What does it mean to serve God?”
3.      Using the list from question two, discuss how each of those things can be applied to our relationship with money, or the pursuit of money. This discussion can be applied to other things as well, for example, our hobbies or our work.
4.      Read 2 Kings 17: 28-34. Discuss the statement made in the talk that people are no different today to the way described in that reading.
5.      How many times does the word “worry’ occur on the lips of Jesus in the reading from Matthew's Gospel? How many times does Jesus say: “Do not worry”? In this reading, what does Jesus tell us not to worry about?
6.      How is worrying a sign of faithlessness?
7.      List the things that God promises to provide in this reading. Why are there so many people in the world without these things?
8.      Discuss ways of ministering to people who worry a lot and in particular to those who get sick from their worries?
9.      Read verse 33 aloud. Discuss how we can do the things required in this verse. Share any experiences you might have had regarding the truth contained in this verse.
10.   Mission Pillars
Evangelism & Church growth
Justice & Service
Development & Economic Empowerment

Think of the different areas in which you or your church are involved in each of the mission                pillars. How often is “worry” a problem in our mission endeavours, and how can it be overcome?

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