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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daily Devotions Week 15 Rock or Sand. Tues

Week 15 Day 2 Devotions

Particular Questions relative to the Love of God.
1. Have I set apart some of this day to think upon his perfections and mercies?
2. Have I laboured to make this day a day of heavenly rest, sacred to divine love?
3. Have I employed those parts of it in works of necessity and mercy, which were not employed in prayer, reading, and meditation?

Particular Questions relating to the Love of our Neighbour.
1. Have I thought anything but my conscience too dear to part with, to please or serve my neighbour?
2. Have I rejoiced or grieved with him?
3. Have I received his infirmities with pity, not with anger?
4. Have I contradicted any one, either where I had no good end in view, or where there was no probability of convincing?
5. Have I let him I thought in the wrong (in a trifle) have the last word?

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