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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prayers for Synod

Our theme for Synod is:
Being One : Practising Movement.

From our Bishop, Jonathan Anderson: [This theme] reflects the conviction that, both personally and collectively, we become by being and doing. This theme also links with the Presiding Bishop’s call to the Connexion through which we are called to be: “Together a Transforming Discipleship Movement”. In preparation for Synod representatives are encouraged to reflect on their identity as Disciples of Christ (your being), and where and how we should be moving. Come prepared to receive and give that we may go back to our people more ready and equipped to lead them in Godly ways.

Synod Prayers

Lord, we ask You to inspire all members of the Highveld and Swaziland District to participate in our Synod with passion, imagination and love.
Grant us the knowledge to identify the issues which will enliven our faith, the tolerance to hear and embrace different views, the wisdom to resolve issues and formulate actions in accordance with Your Holy Will and the courage to accept the changes which will enrich our lives.
Send Your Holy Spirit to guide us as we joyfully involve ourselves in this unique opportunity to lay the foundations of the future direction for our District.
May the sharing of the skills and experiences of our people inspire the creation of plans which will support our congregations, ignite our enthusiasm and strengthen our faith.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

Gathered in Your Name, O God, we ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the Highveld and Swaziland District.
United by the death and resurrection of Your Son, You call us to be your people; to be a sign and witness to the world.
Bless our Synod.  May we be evangelisers of Word and Sacrament co-operating with Your Grace to fulfill the longings of the human heart.

Eternal Father, we gather as Your people, thankful that You have planted us in the Highveld and Swaziland District.  Please renew us all in Your Holy Spirit that we may become more diligent disciples of Your Son, Jesus and more zealous witnesses to Your love.
Make us aware of the gifts and talents You have given, and how You desire them to be used to build Your Kingdom.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

These beautiful prayers were sourced from here and adapted by Cedric, DentalMethodist.

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