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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Conference 1778 considers sending missionaries to Africa

Tue. 4 Aug 1778. Our Conference began; so large a number of preachers (see below) never met at a Conference before. I preached morning and evening till Thursday night; then my voice began to fail, so I desired two of our preachers to supply my place the next day. On Saturday, the Conference ended.
There were more than a large number of preachers present, as Thomas Taylor recalls in his diary: 
Aug. 5. Today we permitted all sorts to come into the Conference, so that we had a large company. The forenoon was occupied in speaking upon preaching-houses. In the afternoon, the sending of missionaries to Africa was considered. The call seems doubtful. Afterwards the committee met, and we were an hour and a half in speaking what might have been done in five minutes. We are vastly tedious, and have many long speeches to little purpose

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