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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Questions based on First Words at Home

Questions based on First Words at Home
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In our reading from Nehemiah:

·       Why do you think the people were so desperate to hear the word of God?
·       Who listened?
·       How long did they listen for?
·       What was the end result of hearing the word of God?

From Luke:

·       What were the synagogue scrolls, how many sets were there and how were they made up (L_ _, P_ _ _ _ _ _ _   and W_ _ _ _ _ _ _)?
·       What is a lectionary?
·       Do you think there is value in personal, regular, Bible reading? Perhaps share your experiences.

For reflection:

·       What does it mean if we say: “The Bible is authoritative in my life?
·       Is the Bible authoritative in your life?
·       What do you think of the statistic that 39% of folk at AMC believe that the Bible has authority in their lives?
·       As you read Scripture this week, record what God might be saying about your particular personal mission statement in your season of life.
·       What will it mean to ‘watch your words’ this week?

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