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Friday, March 15, 2013

Questions based on Lent 5

Read my sermon here
Read the story (John 12:1-8) once again or listen to it here and let your senses enjoy it.
1.     What do you:
See -
                                    Hear -
                                    Feel (touch) -
                                    Smell -
                                    Taste –

2.     What does this story tell us about:
Mary –
Martha –
Lazarus –
Judas –
The poor –

3.     What fragrance fills your house, workplace, school, city, church?

Perhaps share your experiences of the smell/aroma/fragrance of love, betrayal, bitterness, relief, the poor.

4.     What does it mean to love Jesus?

5.     What does it mean to love Jesus extravagantly?

6.     What does it mean to love Jesus sacrificially?

7.     How can I pursue, long for, pray for……. the desire to love Jesus with all my heart?

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