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Friday, May 3, 2013

Questions based on Easter 6: Guided by the Holy Spirit

Read the sermon here

If you have a Bible with maps try and find the places mentioned in these verses.

Discuss: We are good at opening doors that God wants left shut.

Discuss: We are good at closing doors that God wants left open.

Share with the group or journal privately, about times in your life when ‘doors have been shut’ or ‘doors have been opened’.

What is the difference between dreams and visions? Try and identify dreams and visions recorded in the Scriptures. Does God still speak to us today in they way?

What is the gift of spiritual discernment?

Fill in the spaces and discuss each statement:

1     God seeks to ______________________________ us.

When we let Him, it is not always to the place that makes the
most ___________________________ to us.

2      God guides us in ______________________   _____________________.
3      When we are where God wants us to be, the _______________________ are beyond our _______________________.

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