Our most recent family pic with only Andrew missing

Monday, June 10, 2013

Caleb Samuel, our second grandchild and first grandson

What a mighty and prophetic name Stu and Lee have chosen for their first child........
כָּלֵב, Kalev, Caleb is pronounced as "Colev" in Hebrew meaning "Whole-Hearted" or "Faithful".
Caleb is actually a compound word in Hebrew, Col (Cuf + Lamed) = all or whole. Lev (Lamed + Vet) = heart. 
 Thankful, happy, grateful parents

 The Poole Family

 Grampa and Granma Poole

 Going out for his first cappuccinno...notice the small cup.....Naughty grandparents :-)

 Indeed, they do

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