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Thursday, August 29, 2013

JW's cure for toothache

I, the DentalMethodist, just love JW's cure for toothache! Praise our LORD that he stuck (mainly) to theology....although his dabblings into medicine were also quite frightening, particularly his interest in electrocuting the sick!

29 Aug 1757: We rode through vehement wind and many hard showers to Launceston. This gave me a violent fit of the toothache, which however did not hinder my preaching. Such a night I never remember to have passed before, but all is good which lies in the way to glory. On Tues we rode to Camelford, where my toothache was cured by rubbing treacle upon my cheek. At six I preached in the market-place. How are the lions in this town also become lambs!

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