Our most recent family pic with only Andrew missing

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Psalty and Elvis at Alberton Methodist

The evening started with a few numbers from different groups:
Please note that most of these photos are from a cell-phone and some pics just didn't come out well, so not all the items are included

Here, some of the office staff sing Whisper His Name

Some Children's Church teachers render a fantastic rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

These 2 characters wondered in off the street, and being a church, we had to welcome them :-)

Some of our children really ministered to us in colourful song and dance (my pics don't do them justice)

This is the God we serve and who drew us together this evening, and His Son's name is:

It eventually had to come to a STOP, so that Psalty could begin

Risky Rat (above) becomes Pierrrrrrre Rat le Mal (below)
 Charity (the AMC) Churchmouse, falls for Pierrrrre (above), but fails to convince Psalty and the team of his 
"good intentions"

Wedding bells chime as the Marriage Officer and Pierrrre wait for Charity

Grande Finale 


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