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Friday, September 13, 2013

Questions based on Life in a Grace-Shaped Church

Read the sermon here 

  1. What is grace?  Share some of your unique experiences
of God’s Grace.

  1. What is “the number of God’s beloved” in Alberton? 
How many of them do you think worshipped Him in a
Christian Church this Sunday?

  1. What are some of the signs of “Life in a Grace-Shaped Church”?
    • In a grace-shaped church we all recognise that it is
                                                                                                     that we gather as a church in the first place.
In a grace-shaped church                       is about God.
·       In a grace-shaped church people are aware that
                                           “                                                                               .”
·       A grace-shaped church exists for those who                 in it.
A grace-shaped church has programmes in place that bring the unrepentant to                            .
·       In a grace-shaped church we recognise that our
                               makes us who we are.
·       In a grace-shaped church, what                        us is always far greater than what                        us.

  1. Discuss what each of these statements mean to you as an individual, to your group and to AMC at this time in our history.

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