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Friday, October 25, 2013

Questions based on: Run a Good Race

Read Hebrews Chapter 11 and 12:1-3

Quickly scan Hebrews chapter 11 for names of spiritual heroes. 
Write several of the names down. This list should include names such as David, Moses, Noah, Enoch, Abraham, Ruth, etc... What do these names have in common?

The writer encourages those who want to run the race set before them to prepare in the same way athletes prepare. What are the actions taken by athletes when preparing for their sport? How do some of these apply to running the good race God calls us to run?

What does Paul say about sin in these verses?

What kinds of obstacles get in our way as we seek to run the race and be faithful to God?

What actions does the letter to the Hebrews suggest for us as identified in 12:2&3?

For personal reflection:

The race that God has called me to run at this time of my life is....
The greatest obstacle I face when running the race is.......
My prayer request to help me finish the race is.....

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