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Thursday, April 24, 2014

From the Pastor's Desk to Amcare

24 April 2014

Dear Amcare

You may or may not know that the view from my office looks out over Amcare and I often stretch my hands in your direction and ask our Lord to bless you. I write this with love to all of you who give so selflessly in your service to Amcare and therefore to our Lord and the wider community of Alberton. I am deeply aware of the struggles Amcare is constantly dealing with and the personal struggle and difficulties that subsequently affect each of you. Please be assured of my prayers. Below is an extract from a Daily Devotional that I am currently using and I felt it might be a blessing for you today as it has been for me. 

I know how very easy it is to remind folk who are going through difficult times that Jesus is with them. I know that it is often in the difficult times that Jesus seems to us to be furthest away and difficult to reach....I have felt this way sometimes. But I have learnt that that is when He is really the closest. This devotion seems to put this idea into better words than I can, and I hope you are blessed by it.

Much love,


PS for my congregation from the DentalMethodist: 

AMCARE was established in 2001 by the Alberton Methodist Church as a community outreach programme. It was decided to provide a Victim Empowerment Programme, comprehensive HIV and Aids services and Skills Development Services. Today, operating independently but in association with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, AMCARE achieves the seemingly impossible with activities extending from Alberton to Thokoza, Eden Park, Phola Park and the Squatter Camps of Greenfields and Thinazonke

Please visit Amcare for more info

24 April 2014

Trust nothing, yourself least of all; but in Me have that perfect confidence that banishes fear. Remember how many storms I have quieted by a word, making a great calm to follow. Remember how I held up Peter walking on the waters. I am always as near to all people as I was then to him, and as ready to help and comfort in all that is for the good of the soul. Be confident, faithful, courageous;  have no fear for your body and soul, for I am there, loving and all-powerful. Never forget that I am there. In this life the tempest never ceases, and your boat is ever ready to sink. But I am there, and with Me it will never be wrecked.
This devotion is lifted from Celtic Daily Prayer
HarperCollins Publishers. 
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