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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Discussion Questions and Bible Study Material

Discussion Questions and Bible Study Material
Bible Study material and discussion questions are provided for each of the fifteen weeks. 
The last question in each study relates very specifically to how the particular lesson from the
Sermon on the Mount relates to the four mission pillars of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.
The following are some examples of the Discussion Questions and Bible Study material.
Week 1 Discussion Questions and Bible Study
Study Passage Matthew 7:21–29
Is the Kingdom of Heaven something you enter into in this life
or do you have to wait until you die before it becomes a reality?
What are some of the different ways that people hope will “get them into Heaven”?
How do you hope to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
In verses 21 & 22 Jesus mentions five different types of people. Identify them and discuss their actions
(e.g. what does it mean to say “Lord, Lord,” what is prophecy, casting out devils, etc?)
Discuss how it is possible to do these things and yet be unsaved.
What will cause Jesus to say: “I never knew you”?
Does He “know” you and is it possible to know the answer to that question in this life?
Discuss whether it is possible to do “religious” things and at the same time be disobedient.
What is the difference between the wise person and the foolish person? 
Name a few things that people foolishly build their lives on.
What does it mean to build our lives on Christ?
Is the life in Christ free of storms? Name some storms that you or others are facing?
Think of a recent disaster that made the news……… you think born again Christians
were caught up in the midst of it and will it “destroy” them?
Perhaps spend some time (now or at the end of the class)
praying for them appropriately. How would you respond to the question:
“If so and so is a Christian, why is such a terrible thing happening to her or him?”
In the parable of the two builders, when was the strength of the foundation revealed?
How can we examine our foundation here and now?
Discuss Wesley’s statement: “We may by the grace of God snatch souls from hell,
yet drop into it when we have finished. We may bring others to the Kingdom of God yet never enter it ourselves.”
Discuss Wesley’s statement: “Faith which does not produce the whole religion
described in the Sermon on the Mount is not the faith of the gospel.
It is not the faith which leads to glory. Beware of resting on unholy and unsaving faith.”
The four mission imperatives of the MCSA are : a deepened spirituality
as individuals and a Christian community , justice and service in church and society,
evangelism and church growth which build up the people of God,
and development and economic empowerment which give dignity and new purpose
to those who have been deprived. Briefly discuss each of these in the context
of whether or not they are a sound foundation on which to build the church’s mission.
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