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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 DVD Presentation

The talks have been recorded and are presented in an all-age family worship setting.
(The Children's address is optional viewing when viewing in the small group setting)

Teaching the Congregation

Teaching the Children
“Fingers of Prayer”

Cedric, with a log in his eye, demonstrating the fine art of removing splinters from some of the children's eyes

Children's Activities (Adult's Activities are Bible Study and Devotional Material)
There are at least two children's activities for each week, e.g. puzzles,
word searches, codes, cutting out and pasting, dot to dot, etc.
The model of all-age family worship developed at Umhlali Methodist Church
requires that the sermon be finished in the time it takes a child to neatly finish
the activities handed out after the children's address just before the start of the sermon! 
When the material is used in the family setting,
younger members in the home will continue with the children's activities
while the older members in the home watch the talk. 
The following are some examples of the children's activities

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