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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christingle Service: You are the light of the world

Our Christingle Service was held at our Coffee Service in the evening of the first Sunday in Advent. A wonderful time of all age worship accompanied by coffee, cool-drink and mince pies was had by all. The orange symbolises the world, the tinfoil base Jesus,the one and only foundation, the red ribbon the love and blood of Christ, the four toothpicks the pain and suffering of Christ, the 9 fruit/sweets on the toothpicks the fruit of the Spirit, the candle symbolises Jesus, the Light of the world. My message was Jesus words: You are the light of the world (Mt5:14)
A quick reminder how to make one in preparation for our Carols by Candlelight this Sunday, 21 Dec 18:30
1 Orange, symbolising the world; a red ribbon around the orange, Christ's love for the world; 4 toothpicks to secure the ribbon, Christ's pain and your pain, which he carried; 9 "fruit" on the toothpicks, the fruit of the Spirit; a tinfoil base, Christ, our foundation; a hole gouged into the orange, the tomb of our Lord; a candle placed into the hole, Christ, the Light of the world.

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