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Friday, October 16, 2015

Bible untouched in church for 400 years

From The Weekly Telegraph October 14-20
Is it just me who cringes at this sentence: "The vicar believes the bible has remained untouched at St Giles parish church for 400 years"   !!!!!!!
Must work this into my sermon on Sunday :-)

Vicar finds original copy of King James Bible in cupboard

An original copy of the King James Bible has been found in a cupboard in a Welsh church.
The Rev Dr Jason Bray, 61, was taking stock of his books when he found the 1611 volume, which is believed to be one of fewer than 200 that survive.
The vicar believes the Bible has remained untouched at St Giles parish church, in Wrexham, for 400 years.  The book is missing its frontispiece and several pages from the Old Testament but is otherwise in good condition.
Dr Bray said: “We basically found it when we were going through the cupboards.  I couldn’t believe it.  It has been authenticated, and as far as we know, has always been here.”
The King James Bible was the third translation of the Bible into English more than 100 years after the Tyndale Bible became the first English version to appear in print.
A first edition of the King James Bible found in Great St Mary’s church, Cambridge University, in 2011 was valued at about 3,000 pounds.

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