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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Transfiguration Sunday: Where will your story end

Where will your story end

Moses is one of the great characters of the Old Testament – born at a time of persecution, raised up in the palace of the Pharoah and eventually leads the Hebrew slaves to freedom.
The story of Moses ends rather sadly and abruptly.
After 40 years of wondering they are at the Promised Land – the Lord takes Moses up a mountain, shows him the whole of the Promised Land and then on the mountain, Moses dies and the Lord buries him.
It’s sad: Moses doesn’t get to enter the Promise Land......Will you?

The reason for this can be found in the book of Numbers where we are told that at one time in the desert the people were complaining about water and Moses prayed to the Lord and the Lord said take your stick and go stand at that rock – talk to the rock and water will come out of it.
When Moses went to the rock, the people were moaning, moaning… and he takes his stick and in anger he hits the rock – well water comes out but the Lord takes Moses aside and says because you hit the rock, because you disobeyed me........ your punishment will be you will never enter the Promised Land.....Will you?

As you read the Bible, one of the messages you get over and over is “Don’t mess with our God”.

Our disobedience has consequences in this life – your and my disobedience, praise God, does not affect our salvation (we don’t have to be born again, become a Christian everytime we sin)..... sin doesn’t affect our salvation, .......................but it does affect our life here on earth.

Well, Moses dies and that seems to be the end of the story as far as Moses goes – he dies, just outside the Promised Land. Where will your story end?

But it’s not quite the end of Moses' story............

In our reading from the New Testament did you notice who was on the Mountain of Transfiguration.... with the Promised Land...... Elijah and ......................Moses.
So Moses in fact does realize his life dream – here at Jesus' transfiguration he stands on a mountain top smack in the middle of the Promise Land......and with the Son of God Himself!!!!!

Now, I have a deep sense that some of us need to hear this today and be encouraged: Your not fact it's nowhere near it's end.......transfiguration is always a possibility just waitng to become a your your school/workplace.......your marriage.....your church......your nation.......none of these stories has reached it's end.

So, where will your story end?

Moses and Jesus, that’s the end of the story of Moses – it ends not in a grave somewhere outside Israel, but in eternity with the Promised Land of eternal life. Moses' sin messes up his life, but not his eternity.......isn't that good news. We are not saved or not saved by actions......BUT BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH. And that is not license to sin, but rather it is license to have hope.
Your story is nowhere near over!

So, where will your story and my story end – in a grave somewhere in the ground or with Jesus in eternity?

That’s worth thinking about.
Jesus has said that we don’t have to be left in any doubt about the answer to that question.
Jesus said........ John 3:16.
Moses looked forward by faith to Jesus, and was saved from the eternal affects of his sin, while he was a sinner. We look back by faith and are saved from the eternal affects of our sin, even while we are sinners.

Our God, who you don't mess with, is in the business of reaching out and saving the very people who mess with Him......that is called GRACE.

Transfiguration Sunday is a wonderful reminder that our story need never end.....that light always wins over darkness......that our God is always ready to meet us on our mountains of joy or despair and shine His transfiguring....transforming....light ................into whatever we bring to Him.

So, where will your story end?....................It needn't...and it wont, by faith, we ask and let our Lord, who is light, to shine His transfiguring presence into us.

In a time of ministry now, I urge you, from your mountain top or valley, to be taken by surprise, just as Peter was, by the radiant presence of Christ.....with you.

Come, Lord Jesus.

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