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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Harvest Thanksgiving Service

Our Harvest and Thanksgiving Service for 2014 was celebrated on Sunday 26 October and is one of the highlights of my term here at Alberton Methodist Church.
My texts were:
 I preached on the different seasons of life, and the truth that in every season our LORD is extravagantly sowing His grace into our lives and into our situations, and that from every season (however dreadful or wonderful it may be), a good harvest is possible.
The children each sowed seed into seed trays which will grow into some of our Advent celebration, but more importantly, the progress of the growth will form the basis of my teaching and preaching on Discipleship, which I sense our LORD has called me to focus on as my season here at AMC begins to
draw to a close.

This drawing was sent to me by one of our folk and beautifully captures the joy and blessing of the day (notice the donkey and piglet who were part of the puppet ministry)

It was wonderful to have Andrew, Candice and Caitlin visiting from Zanzibar

Our Children's Church singing in sign language

The sowing begins

Wietsche, a faithful member of our congregation and a stand-in great grandma for our Caitlin

Caitlin and me dancing after the service

Then it was fun, games, fellowship and braai (barbecue) for one and all as we also celebrated 100 years of our Childrens' Ministry

The seeds, buried in the soil, at our home

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